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About Lennart Regebro

I work with Open Stack for Red Hat.

I’m also author of Porting to Python 3.


  1. Heya!

    I’m just building my own HTPC and your “howto” was a big inspiration for me. I just got the same board as you and wanted to ask you, if you’ve got this small included DVI-card running? Yet I don’t have a PCIe-Riser..


  2. Lennart Regebro permalink

    I don’t have a DVI screen, so I actually don’t know if or how it works…

  3. Oh :/, so you’ve got a PCIe Riser card but no graphic card at all yet?

  4. Lennart Regebro permalink

    There is a graphics card on the motherboard, which works just fine. The DVI-card is to make a DVI output for that card. I have no DVI screen to connect it to so I can’t test it.

  5. hi lennart. you still know me? how’s the sprint in rotterdam going? say hello to guido and the others!
    up neanderthaler 😉
    greetz philip, gfu

  6. Hi Philip! What’s up?

    The sprint in Rotterdam is going fine, I think. But you better ask somebody who is there. 🙂

  7. philip permalink

    Ok thought u were there as well…
    See you at the next sprint here with us.

  8. Inte för att jag riktigt förstår vad det är du sysslar med. Men jag säger lycka till med allt!

    Det verkar i alla fall vara väldigt data-tekniskt av något slag.

    Din avatar är kul! Du ser ut som en nörd. Det är väl det som är meningen!

  9. Jo, jag sysslar ju med datorer så jag är en nörd liksom per definition. 🙂

  10. cyberain permalink

    Hi! I was on your lecture “Pycon 3.0 compatibility” on PyConPL.
    Great job, it was really interesting and I hope that you will vist Poland soon with another lecture!

  11. Christoph Anton Mitterer permalink

    Didn’t find an easier way to get in contact with you 😉

    I’ve stumbled across which seems to be yours…

    You promised to keep it up to date… 😉 .. well it seems to be not fully.

    Nowaydays there’s also a ProxyPassMatch directive, which allows to pretty much do the same as with RewriteRule… one can simply use the VHM and everything works nicely.
    Perhaps you should add this information… it’s really not necessary to use mod_rewrite,.. as mod_proxy ships now everything. So just another module that would need space uselessly 😉


  12. Lennart,

    Why would you go to the trouble of creating a website with such miss-informed nonsense. Your analysis is doomed from the start because you’ve fallen into the same trap every other amatuer and academic runologist and linguist have for the past 113 years. This is not a standard runic inscription and will never abide by the runic and linguistic rules scholars insist it must follow.

    This artifact is a land claim document filled with codes, symbolism, and allegories, that happens to have been carved in runes, pentadic numbers, Latin letters, with a carver who used Old Swedish. What bothers me is like all the other arrogant academics who have made similar claims, instead of admitting you can’t figure it out, you resort to the old reliable fallback plan of claiming it’s a hoax to salvage credibilty.

    Just once, it would be nice to hear reasonably intelligent people admit they made a mistake and change their approach. Only then will you have any chance of making sense of this important historical artifact.

    You’re right about one thing, Olof probably is laughing his socks off, but not for the reason you think!

    Scott Wolter

  13. useless permalink

    Thanks a lot for your book which saved me hours of tests !

  14. I’ve been fighting with time zones and ran into your blog at this url:

    It has 2 links to the code; both are dead 😦 Would you mind sending me the code or reanimate the dead links?

    • None of those links are relevant to your issue, trust me. 🙂 (Unless you use Zope 2, or an old version of Plone). But I deleted the links.

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