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Repairing a Tascam M-2524 or M-2516 – Part 3

January 19, 2018

Cleaning the mixer

Since I needed to almost completely disassemble the mixer to repair it, I decided to also clean it properly, while I was at it. This is the steps needed.

First I took all the knobs and buttons I had and soaked them in warm water with dishwasher liquid.


After they had soaked for an hour or so, I took each button and brushed it with an old toothbrush. This is without a doubt the most time consuming and boring part of the whole process. The outside of the buttons will have gone darker thanks to sunlight exposure, there are ways to fix that as well, but I didn’t bother, and doing so risks bleaching the colors on the knobs, so you would have to pry away all the little tops first. A lot of work, and in my opinion not worth it.

After the brushing, more rinsing in hot water and then I just spread them out on a towel to air dry.


You’ll notice that I’m only cleaning the potentiometer knobs and sliders here. This is because I cleaned them before I took out all the channel strips. However, I noticed that the push buttons had gotten dirty as well, so I pulled them off and cleaned them as well.


Tascam’s minimalist push buttons.

They are quite hard to pull off, so be careful. The cleaning procedure was the same, but instead of a toothbrush I wiped them clean with a cloth. A toothbrush is needed with the knobs to get into the uneven bits, but these push buttons are perfectly flat.

One push button broke during cleaning.


I glued it together with superglue, and then carefully sandpapered off the excess glue with very fine sandpaper, and in the end with polishing sandpaper.


Once in place it’s impossible to tell which of the buttons this is.

Cleaning the front panel was done with the type of mild alcohol wiped that you used for computers and telephones, they are good at getting rid of dirt from fingers. Soapy water would probably work as well, but since I hadn’t removed the sliders and all of the electronics I didn’t want to, although I wiped off dust with a mildly moist rag first.

Pictures of this is unexciting, but here’s a before and after picture of various pen marks.





That was it for cleaning, next part we’ll discuss the repairs I did and reassembly.

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