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svg.path 1.0 released

May 28, 2013

svg.path is a collection of objects that implement the different path commands in SVG, and a parser for SVG path definitions. It supports Python 2.6 to 3.3.

It’s main use is to parse an SVG path specification and then you can extract points on that path. You can also easily manipulate the path, but 1.0 doesn’t contain support to render paths back to SVG specs. I hope to get time for this in the future, contributions are welcome.

svg.path 1.0 fixes a bug when handling path specifications that use no spaces and have negative numbers.

svg.path is put into an svg.namespace to allow for other modules using the same principles that can handle other parts of the SVG spec. I currently have no need for anything than the path bit of the specifications, but other modules are welcome there as well. Please contact me to make sure the API follows the same principles so that the modules are easily inoperable.


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