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May 27, 2013*, or just for short, is a suite of blogging modules for Plone. It is primarily designed for integrators. Most people who use Plone for blogging also uses Plone as a customized content management system, and they have specific requirements and their own skin, custom content types and other integrations. It turned out that other Plone blogging products make a lot of assumption about how you are to use it, what you want from a blog, and how your site is set up. The modules are modular, make few assumptions and reuse already existing technology as far as possible. 1.2’s main feature is that it now supports Plone 4.3. This has in some cases required quite big changes. For example, will under Plone 4.3 rely on Plone 4.3’s built-in Syndication functionality. also has quite substantial changes.

Language support is also vastly improved, but many of the latest features has created new strings which remain untranslated, help with updating translations and adding new translations are appreciated.


It’s been far too long since I released a new version of, which is entirely because of lack of time. If somebody is interested in taking over maintenance, email me.


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