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Django Sprint 2013 report

February 26, 2013

This weekend there was a yearly global bug fixing sprint for Django. It apparently took place in seven places around the world, stretching from South America to Japan! One of these places was Kraków, organized for the second year in a row by Pykonik.

As an extra incentive this year there was an application written by Aleksandra Sendecka and  Tomasz Paczkowski (I think, if I got that wrong, tell me and I’ll change to the correct credits). This app looks at the bug tracker (and I maybe also the github repo, I’m not sure) and gives people achievements according to what they do, such as commenting, adding patches etc. According to the results table there was a total of 43 people involved in the sprint somehow, which is pretty cool.

I personally concentrated on the templating system and threw in a Python 3 fix as well. I added a couple of patches and improved some others. Two of them has been merged to trunk already. It felt like a productive weekend, especially thanks to the achievements app!


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