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Looking for Django / Python / Plone work

February 19, 2013

Note to all recruiters: I’m not willing to relocate, definitely not ever to London, so the job has to be mostly remote. You can stop reading now.

Yes, I’m coming to the end of my current project. I’m available for consulting or employment for any Python job, although my specialty is web development, especially Plone or Django.

I am a Python expert with 12 years of experience with Python, and 18 years of experience with web. If you need web development done in Python, I’m your man.

Lennart Regebro CV 2013-01-16


Mail me at !


From → django, plone, python

  1. How can you have “12 years of experience with Django” when Django’s initial release was July 2005? Maybe you’re missing something in that sentence. 😉

  2. Have you checked out the jobs listed at ?

  3. I haven’t seen that joblist before. The overview is very good, it’s quick to see if the job is relevant for you, good job!

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