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p4a.plonecalendar 2.1b1 released

August 4, 2012

Yes, Plone4ArtistCalendar is alive, and 2.1b1 has just been released! Plone4ArtistCalendar are extensions that give you nice Calendaring support for Plone, with day, week and month views. There are other alternatives, most notable solgema.fullcalendar, but Plone4ArtistCalendar doesn’t use JavaScript, so it is accessible for those who can’t use JS.

Version 2.1b1 has the following major improvements:

  • It now uninstalls cleanly. Again. I fixed that years ago, but I thing p4a.subtyper since “lost” the uninstall. The 1.2.2 release of p4a.subtyper now has a proper uninstall again.
  • It no longer uses p4a.subtyper. You no longer mark folders and collections as being of the Calendar subtype, instead you just choose one of the calendar views from the Display-menu. This is more “Ploneish” and less confusing, and also makes uninstalling easier.
  • It now supports Plone 4.2. That includes supporting the new Collection-type.

Other changes are that there is no longer any official support for Plone 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2. Plone 3.3 is still supported, though, and although I didn’t test it under Plone 4.0 it seems unlikely that it would run under Plone 3.3 and 4.1 but not 4.0. There is also no longer any official support for p4a.ploneevent, and hence no official support for recurrence. No code has been removed, so it should still work, but I’m not aware of anyone using p4a.ploneevent anyone. Recurrence will in the future be done through, but this is not supported yet.

Support for is the only planned future feature, otherwise the plan is to clean up and remove code, and simplify, simplify, simplify.


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  1. Awesome news, thanks for doing this, Lennart! One question: will older versions upgrade smoothly, thus making upgrade->uninstall feasible?

  2. Yes. There is a portal_setup upgrade step that needs to be run before uninstalling, though.

  3. Hi, thanks for this!
    I followed the instructions for “Upgrading from version 2.0” on, but I don’t see any option in the “Display” menu of a folder or collection to select any kind of “calendar” view anymore.

    • Then some part of p4a.plonecalendar isn’t properly installed. Check especially p4a.plonecalendar and dateable.chronos, which are the views. Also note that the installer only enables these views for standard Folders and collections, if you have custom types you need to modify those types.

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