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Release announcement: jquery.recurrenceinput and plone.formwidget.recurrence

February 1, 2012

The first beta release of jquery.recurrenceinput and plone.formwidget.recurrence has been released.

jquery.recurrenceinput is a Javascript widget, supporting both input and read only modes, for recurring events, supporting iCalendar type recurrence. plone.formwidget.recurrence is the Plone integration, with an Archetypes and a z3c.form implementation.

It is to my knowledge the only open source, generic (ie not written for a specific platform) recurrence widget, and it is amongst the most advanced and full-featured widgets I’ve seen, full stop.

jquery.recurrenceinput uses jQuery and jQuery Tools Dateinput widget to transform a textinput fields into an input that will not only allow you to show a dialog box where you can in a user friendly matter set up recurrence, but it will also (with the appropriate backend implementation) show a list of upcoming instances of this recurrence, and allow you to add more as well as exclude some.

If you are in any way involved in open source and web and need to have some sort of events or calendars, you should check this out, test it and come with feedback.

One Comment
  1. Amazing! Congratulations and thank you, Lennart. This is a Big Deal. Can’t wait to try it out!

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