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I want your calendar data!

October 4, 2011

Do you or your company or your customers have a big calendar of some sort, with hundreds or more events in it? In Outlook or iCal or whatever? Can you export it to iCalendar/ics files?

The please export that file, and run it through my anonymizing script:

Send the result to me. Or just send the ical directly to me, I promise to anonymize it and not keep the original around. I will from this put together massive .ics files that can be used for performance testing on calendars with real data. These ics files will be completely anonymous; only the start, end and recurrence if any, will be kept; and the resulting test sets will be made open source so others can benefit from this test data.

It is for the good of mankind! Especially open source!


From → calendaring, plone, python

One Comment
  1. gwpl permalink

    I like your approach. Performance testing, opensource anonymizing script on github. Please, make “google+ share” button, to make people easier share such annoucements. Please later share results of your anonymising as data-set. I believe many people might join your effort, cause there are many calendar related issues people might like to performance test. (And not only performance test, maybe some data-mining to be done).

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