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Porting to Python 3: Register your interest in PDF versions.

July 20, 2011

I’ve had a couple of requests of making eBook versions of Porting to Python 3. This is unfortunately quite a bit of work, not the least because I need to set up a shop for it on the website etc. And it also depends on the platform. I’ve been digging into Kindle support, and it seems pretty much impossible to make a custom Kindle version in any of the supported eBook formats. However, I might be able to make a custom PDF for Kindle, in the Kindle size, and in black and white (while an iPad-friendly version should be in color so you get syntax highlighting).

However, to do that will also take time, and I need a Kindle to test on…

So, to make sure I’m just not wasting my time, I would need 10 iPad people and 10 Kindle people promising that they will buy the eBook version. And I need to borrow a Kindle, or have an additional 5-10 Kindle-preorders to cover the cost to buy one. As the printing costs a couple of dollars, I think $25 is a reasonable price for the eBook versions, and you’ll also not have to pay for shipping.

So mail me, or add a comment here if you would buy a PDF version of the book.


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