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Reviewers for my book on Python 3 Porting needed!

November 27, 2010

Update: OK, sorted! Thanks for the help!

A couple of months late I’m close to finishing the book on porting to Python 3. But as it’s all self-published and I have no editor I would like some more eyes on the text.

So if you are an native English speaking grammar nerd who like to correct other peoples spelling and grammar, or you have no experience with Python 3 but you have a Python 2 project you have a chance to port next week, mail me at The only requirement is that you do the review and give me feedback within a week or so.

The book is not very long, a 100 pages at the moment, and that’s including introduction, index and such. Probably less than 70 pages of actual stuff to read, and a  lot of that is code examples. 🙂

You’ll get a thanks in the book, and of course a hard copy of the finished book!


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  1. I can help you out if you like. I speak native english and code quite a bit in python. I follow your blog as I do enjoy your posts. Let me know if you would like the help.

    Riley porter

  2. is this offer still open? i would very much like to help.

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