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Python IDE code completion test

October 14, 2010

[ ?posts_id=4263360&dest=80453]

You probably want to see that in fullscreen or go here:

A couple of them stand out, this screencast shows how the code completion works, and reaches a conclusion.


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  1. Nice demo Lennart 🙂

  2. So, pardon my ignorance and the offtopic, but what’s yout wallpaper?

    And regarding the IDE’s… As far as I know, emacs can do what you need, unfortunately you have to use it 8 hours a day for 10 years until you have trained your hands on how to use the weird keyboard shortcuts.

  3. seletz permalink

    as for the wallpaper:

    and, btw: nice demo, very funny.

    **I** stay with Vim, tho 😉

  4. Ron Ridley permalink

    I never noticed the lack of calltips for the stdlib until you demonstrated in the video. I’ve found a couple of settings you can enable to get auto complete to work for stdlib, but not necessarily the calltips (still working on it).

    Edit -> Preferences… -> Code Intelligence -> Check ‘Enable Autocomplete fill-up characters’

    Edit -> Preferences -> Editor -> Smart Editing -> Check ‘Use tab character to complete words like Ctrl+Space’

    This way you can autocomplete by either hitting tab, ( or ‘.’.

  5. Ron Ridley permalink

    From what I can find, the calltip issue has been in the Komodo BTS for a while:

    Thanks for the video. I wouldn’t have thought to look around for these settings otherwise.

  6. sorona permalink

    I’m not sure about the other editors, but I know that Komodo uses ctrl+space, not ctrl+enter, for code completion normally. Honestly, I prefer that over getting zillions of popups when I know exactly what I’m typing and can type it faster than I could select it from a list. Different strokes for different folks, though.

    What is far, far more important for me is how it handles large, complex third-party libraries rather than the rather manageable standard library. Sadly, I have yet to find an IDE or editor that can really handle the major UI libraries well (PyGTK, PyQt, wxPython). Sure, they can handle the top-level modules just fine (e.g.: btn = gtk.Button()), but try actually using the widget (e.g.: btn.set_alignment()), and they all seem to fall flat in my experience, even if there’s no ambiguity on what type btn could be.

    • Yeah, sorry, I actually type ctrl-space, I don’t know why I say ctrl-enter. I blame the cold I had at the time.

      OK if you don’t want popups, but there are other ways. One way if there is only one option, is to fill it in with gray characters after the cursor, in the same way Komodo will fill in a closing parenthesis when you type an open parenthesis. But neither Komodo nor PyCharm does that.

  7. demikaze permalink

    PyCharm version 1.1 already supports code completion as you expect 🙂

  8. Haha, great review.

  9. I’ve had this exact same experience. Wing IDE is for me, like Dropbox. Occasionally there is something I wish it did differently. I try others PyCharm, SPE, Komodo or SugarSync, Box, Google Drive.


    Always back to Wing IDE (or Dropbox). Some software is just the best.

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