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Review: Plone 3 Multimedia

August 1, 2010

Packt Publishing has sent me another book for review: Plone 3 Multimedia. This book is unusual in that it doesn’t have a specific target audience, but instead tries to cover all levels in the same book. That may be confusing for newbies, but then again it might be a way to get dragged into Plone development as well, so maybe it’s not bad.

It does mean that every chapter will both have easy to follow instructions on how to install a specific software, and code examples of how to extend it. I kinda like that format, but I can imagine it to be confusing. There may be a reason it’s not very common. 🙂

So this book tries to cover all aspects of multimedia with Plone. Images, lightbox products, audio, video, flash, the works. As such it is of interest to anyone who wants to handle any type of multimedia on their Plone site. I enjoyed the book, and it did bring up some products I didn’t know of. I don’t have any specific gripes about the book. The topic is narrow, but if you want to do multimedia with Plone, I think it’s likely worth the money.


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