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New life, new times, new company

May 30, 2010

After 6 years in Paris, and three as an independent subcontractor it’s time for me to move on in several ways. I’ve been a full time programmer for 14 years, the last nine doing python web applications. The last few years I’ve been able to gain experience not only in programming, but hosting, managing large sites and other related technologies to be able to both guide customers to what they really need, and judge what technologies to use. I have a good stack of technologies in my bag that will make everything from small projects to large behemoths doable, and I know at least how to not run projects, which counts for a whole deal.

So me and my friend Johan Carlsson, has decided to reboot Colliberty. Colliberty was started in 2003, in between the collapse of the company I then worked for (Torped) and before I got a job for Nuxeo in Paris. And since I got a job, the company has been mostly resting, mainly we have taken care of Torped’s old customers through this company, when they have needed things done. But now we are starting up Colliberty properly and will for the first time actively start looking for new customers.

Colliberty will be doing web applications, and we’ll do them in Python. We’ll also help you with porting your applications to Python 3, and we will do Python and Plone training, in collaboration with Webworks.

At the same time the arrival of my first child, Elenor, has meant that I need to move. My lovely Parisian penthouse just isn’t big enough anymore. And getting a nice and big apartment in Paris is as I’m sure you can imagine, quite expensive. So we decided to move elsewhere. And when looking at different places both around France and around the world, one place quickly stood out: Kraków, Poland! Polands economy is buzzing and expanding, and the laws are business friendly; Kraków is a beautiful, historic town not to far from to Elenors grand parents. It combines family, interests and business opportunities for me. Kraków even has a Python Users Group!

So later this year we are moving to Kraków! This may seem like a big change, and for my personal life it of course is. But when it comes to business, it isn’t. After all, I don’t have any regular customers in Paris anyway. In todays globalized world, it makes little difference if the customer is a hundred miles away or thousands of miles away. I’ll miss Paris, and I’ll miss seeing the Eiffel tower in the mornings, but it will be business as usual, with meetings online and conferences on the other side of the world.


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  1. Good luck! Sounds like an exciting move, and hope all goes well. Glad to hear you will still be working on Python and Plone stuff, so no doubt will still see you around someplace, somewhere.


  2. Thanks! Yeah, I’ll still be going to the Plone conference and PyCon, that’s for sure! 🙂

  3. Good luck, Regebro! “New” company and Poland both sound awesome.

  4. I know Kraków, it’s the most beautiful city of Poland. Dużo szczęścia! Have fun learning Polish, it’s like learning regular expressions. 😉

  5. A real globe trotter you are! Good luck and I hope to see you soon, maybe little more often then a Plone conf a year 🙂

  6. Andrew Mleczko permalink

    Good luck!
    maybe you can also reactivate PolishPloneUsersGroup? 🙂

  7. JC Brand permalink

    I saw Krakow last year when visiting a friend in Poland, it’s a beautiful city (and UNESCO world heritage site IIRC) and the food is good and cheap.

    I hope you have a great time living there!

  8. good luck, been in krakow and i love it …

    well now that i’m regular visitor of gdansk, you never know when the cheapest flight will be through krakow, so please make python group strong there, to jump in for a beer or two.

    plone conference in krakow, maybe … but i wish next year it could be south america.

  9. Wow! Apparently, there’s a correlation between successful people and people who put themselves up for change.

    Best of luck!

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