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The Knights Who Say Py!

March 4, 2010

Not overheard on #python at Freenode. But something similar happens quite often:

NEWBIE: Hi! Can somebody help me?
KNIGHTS: Py! Py! Py! Py!
NEWBIE:  Who are you?
HEAD KNIGHT:  We are the Knights Who Say… Py!
NEWBIE:  No!  Not the Knights Who Say Py!
HEAD KNIGHT:  The same! We are the keepers of the sacred words:  Py, Pyc, and Py-oh!
NEWBIE:  Those who hear them seldom leave to use other languages!
HEAD KNIGHT:  The Knights Who Say Py demand a sacrifice before helping!
NEWBIE:  Knights of Py, I am but a simple wannabe programmer who seek the code nirvana who lies beyond these tutorials.
HEAD KNIGHT:  Py!  Py!  Py!  Py!
NEWBIE:  Oh, ow!
HEAD KNIGHT:  We shall say ‘Py’ again to you if you do not appease us.
NEWBIE:  Well, what is it you want?
HEAD KNIGHT:  We want… an error description!
[dramatic chord]
NEWBIE:  A what?
NEWBIE and PARTY:  Oh, ow!
NEWBIE:  Please, please!  No more!  I shall find an error description.
HEAD KNIGHT:  You must return here with a error description or else you will never pass through this tutorial alive!
NEWBIE:  O Knights of Py, you are just and fair, and I will return with an error description.
HEAD KNIGHT:  One that looks nice.
NEWBIE:  Of course.
HEAD KNIGHT:  And not too expansive.

NEWBIE:  O, Knights of Py, I have brought you your error description.  May I have help now?
HEAD KNIGHT:  What is your error description?
NEWBIE:  It doesn’t work!
KNIGHTS:  Aaaaugh!  Aaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT:  Don’t say that word.
NEWBIE:  What word?
HEAD KNIGHT:  “It”. Doesn’t work!
NEWBIE:  Right, it doesn’t work.
KNIGHTS:  Aaaaugh!  Aaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT:  Nono, *”it”* doesn’t work!
NEWBIE:  Right, it doesn’t work.
KNIGHTS:  Aaaaugh!  Aaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT:  Aaaaugh!  Stop saying that. “It” is undefined.
NEWBIE:  I don’t get it…
KNIGHTS:  Aaaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT:  “It doesn’t work” is not an error description!
NEWBIE: But it doesn’t!
KNIGHTS:  Aaaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT:  Give us a traceback or something!
NEWBIE: There is no traceback! It doesn’t do anything!
KNIGHTS:  Aaaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT:  You must explain what you did, and in what way that did not work!
NEWBIE: I tried it, and it doesn’t work!
KNIGHTS:  Aaaaugh! Aaaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT:  I am sorry, we will have to kill you now.
NEWBIE: What!? Why? It’s not fair!
KNIGHTS:  Aaaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT:  Or your give up programming and become a middle manager!
NEWBIE:  Aaaaugh! [Runs away]
HEAD KNIGHT:  Well, that didn’t work, either.


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  1. SeeM permalink

    Respect! 8)

  2. \o/

  3. thet permalink

    hehehe, thanks, that made me laugh! 🙂

    i remember also that NEWBIE is the KING of somewhere-land and therefore expects adequate appreciation but the KNIGHTS don’t pay that tribute to him, isn’t it so?

  4. aatiis permalink

    I actually can’t decide who’s side I’m on. I think I’m usually just the “crowd” that quietly live on #zope[3-dev].

  5. Lennart Regebro permalink

    This is relevant too. I don’t know who came up with this one:

    “Thus spake the Lord: Thou shalt indent with four spaces. No more, no less.
    Four shall be the number of spaces thou shalt indent, and the number of thy
    indenting shall be four. Eight shalt thou not indent, nor either indent thou
    two, excepting that thou then proceed to four. Tabs are right out.”

  6. merwok permalink

    It’s in Georg Brandl’s signature.

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