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Review: Plone 3 for Education

February 20, 2010

I’m racking up quite a collection of books from Packt Publishing, most of them on Plone. Although some of them are bought, the rest has been given to me as review copies, and Erik Rose’s book “Plone 3 for Education” is no exception. But I’m not kissing ass when I say that Packts Plone books are good, they actually are. But this time I had big doubts. The topic of the books is weird. Plone for education? What is so special with education that it needs a Plone book of it’s own? Is there really a market for that?

Well, what Plone 3 for Education does is make a kind of case study out of Pennsylvania State Universitys WebLion project, where Erik works. The book takes the high level features they needed, like calendaring, audio & video, and hosting setup, and explains how they solved them using Plone. And that useful for those outside education too. Even if the examples are based around education, it’s not hard to adapt them to your own needs.

The book claims that it’s for webmasters, and it’s true that it that for the webmaster new to Plone it makes a good companion book to the excellent Practical Plone 3, which I reviewed before. But I also think this book could be good for those webmasters who are thinking about using Plone, or has put out a tender for a website and gotten responses using Plone. Although most of the book dwelves into the details of how, which you don’t need for a case study, I think it still can give an overview and understanding of what you can do with Plone, and what way it’s achieved. I can help you get an understanding of how Plone works, which will help you ask intelligent questions to the Plone consultants.


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One Comment
  1. FullACK! I made a review in German with the same emphasis.

    The case-study approach is really helpful! Such a book was missing!

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