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2010 is the year for Python 3!

January 8, 2010

New year, new hopes, new energy! And I’ve already said that 2010 is the year for porting packages/libraries to Python 3, and it seems like I’m right, because the Python 3 buzz is rising. There is more talk about Python 3 on the mailing lists, more blog posts and more packages. And there is even rumors that Google want to merge their Unladen-swallow project to Python 3 trunk.

There is now support in Distribute that will help you, and the amount of packages that support Python 3 is slowly rising. There are branches of several basic packages in the Zope Component Architecture that supports Python 3 already, and I really hope we’ll have a Python 3 compatible version of the basic ZCA libraries out this year.

Fittingly then, I’m going to have a series of articles (we’ll see how many it turns out to be) in Python Magazine about porting to Python 3. I also intend to compile those articles together with additional material into a book that should come out during the second half of 2010.

But why do I say 2010 is the year for porting only if you make packages? Well, because for your project, you will have to wait for all your dependencies to be ported to Python 3 first. And even if you help with that porting, it’s quite likely that most big projects will have a couple of dependencies that doesn’t support Python 3 yet. But I hope that by the end of the year, all of the most popular packages on PyPI will support Python 3, which means that in 2011 it’s definitely time to port even applications to Python 3.

And in 2012 Python 3 will take over and save the world from evil Maya-planets from outer space, or whatever the 2012 disaster has become by that time. 🙂

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