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Time for Python 3!

October 10, 2009

The main problem with Python 3’s lack of backwards compatibility is not that you need to change the code. That’s pretty easy. No, the main problem is that you need to wait for all the libraries you use to be ported first. And when you use a whole framework that can be a lot. Zope + Plone involves some 170 packages or so.

And amongst the absolutely most popular packages out there has been Setuptools. So when I wanted to look into using the Zope Component Architecture on Python 3, I realized I needed Buildout, and to use Buildout I needed Setuptools. And many others, I’m sure, has had the same experience. Setuptools has become a block to Python 3.

But no longer! As mentioned earlier, Distribute now has Python 3 support, and 0.6.3 of Distribute has been out for some weeks now and seems reasonably stable. And that means, that Yes! It is finally time for You to port your library to Python 3!

Install Python 3.1 (forget 3.0, it’s too buggy) and Distribute and  read the documentation on Python 3 support. Then subscribe to the python-porting mailing list, and off you go!


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  1. Attila Oláh permalink

    Sounds very good! I’ll give it a try next week, although my packages are mostly plugins, so there’s no use until the repoze stack gets ported to py3 too.

  2. And it’s even better: distribute 0.6.4 comes with buildout-support itself:

  3. Attila Oláh permalink

    And what about the out-of-the-blue setuptools 0.6c10 pje has just released? That discussion on distutils-sig seems pretty harsh… I’ve been using setuptools for some time, now I’m beginning to develop my trust in distribute, then suddenly a new setuptools appears. Interesting…

  4. Well, what about it? It doesn’t change anything. PJE doesn’t have the time to maintain setuptools by himself, and he refuses to accept help or relinquish control. That’s why Distribute exists. It will continue to exist until he accepts help or relinquishes control.

    And it wasn’t out of the blue. The problem isn’t that PJE doesn’t fix bugs, it’s that he only does it once a year or so. And he said he was going to spend the weekend fixing bugs already at the beginning of last week.

  5. I also want to make it clear, because this misunderstanding has shown up at least twice: There is NO competition between distribute and setuptools. Nobody is going to win anything. It’s not about winning. Distribute is mainly about solving a problem, and that problem is that setuptools is not maintained as well as it needs to be. That’s it.

  6. Attila Oláh permalink

    I know it’s not about winning, but yet, PJE’s reaction doesn’t seem to reflect this fact… But, oh well, things will clean up probably.

  7. PJE is for pretty obvious reasons being extremely defensive. His reaction is completely natural and understandable, and I’m sure I’d have reacted exactly the same way. Of course that means he might say things that are slightly harsher than really fair, but that’s life, and people say things about him that is unfair to.

  8. Attila Oláh permalink

    Well, yep, that’s true, I have to admit.

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