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Setuptools on Python 3 Status: Pretty damn good!

September 25, 2009

At DZUG-Tagungs last weekend it turned out that Martin v Löwis had a bunch of patches for my Python 3 port of setuptools. I merged them in, and Martin then proceeded to look through all my change sets and try to actually make sure they wouldn’t break edge cases (which I never bothered with). And then who ported my changes, change for change, to Distribute, the new fork of Setuptools. He wasn’t the only one working on this during the sprint, but he did the main body of the work, and embarassingly I’ve forgotten the names of the others. Shame on me.

This means, that amazingly enough, Distrubute now has Python 3 support! The next version 0.6.2, hasn’t been released yet, but it works fine for me for Python 3. And that’s really nice! If you need setuptools for Python 3, please try out the trunk version of Distribute. Martin put in support for automatically running 2to3 on code so you can support both Python 2 and Python 3 from the same source code easily, and I put in support so that the test command also does this conversion.

So thanks to Martin and the others! Also thanks to Alex Grönholm who has fixed some bugsin the Python 3 port, and thanks to Tarek for managing the Distribute project!

  1. Sébastien Douche permalink

    Good work Lennart!

  2. Distribute 0.6.2 was released. Thanks for your work Lennart !

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