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What video editing software do you use?

May 14, 2009

I’m looking for a Windows (or Linux) video editing software or combination of grabbing and editing softwares that

  • doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars/euros and
  • can grab video from a web cam,
  • audio from any audio input,
  • keeps the synchronization well and
  • has at leat two sound tracks (so I can have background musc) and
  • has good frame-by-frame editing and
  • doesn’t require the use of abscure file formats

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  1. thet permalink

    i guess you took a look at kino ( ), which is available for linux.
    if you use it together with ardour (digital audio workstation ), you have unlimited audio tracks, synchronized. but thats maybe a bit on the hard way…
    besides, i haven’t tried this combination and using ardour is on my list of programs to use someday.

    • Yeah, Kino can’t grab from Webcams. And extracting the audio, importing it into Ardour, adding another track and the exporting that and reimporting into Kino, just to get background music? I don’t think so…

      • Although now when I upgraded to Ubuntu Jaunty, the new verison of Kino is more stable, and it looks like Kino can import video files with Cheese again, and Kino has a background track thingy. So, Kino is back in the game again!

  2. Luke permalink

    try power director 7.

    It’s ranked #1 on two review sites and has as many features as your can ask for.

    If you want normal video editing, deluxe is good, and the only diffrence between ultra and deluxe is the hd stuff.


  3. dajomu permalink

    What about kdenlive 0.7.4 for kde4? Very good one and is quite stable by now.

  4. Well, I can record from webcam using Windows Movie Maker, so that could be the easiest option.

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