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PyCon 2009: It was awesome

April 4, 2009

I love to say “I told you so”. I know it makes me an unbearable besserwisser, but I’ll just have to live with that. And what did I say about PyCon 2009? That’s right.

PyCon 2009 is going to be SPECTACULARLY AWESOME!

And it was. The general blog comments so far is that it was the best PyCon ever. I’ve learned how to select talks, so I saw better talks this year, but in general people also claim the talks were of higher quality. This is undoubtedly mostly because the proposals where better than ever. So you should already now start to think about what you could talk about at PyCon 2010 in Atlanta. The more submissions the merrier.

The Biggest Mistake in talk organizing was that Jeff Rush’s talk abut namespaces and code objects was marked as beginner. Very strange. But I’ve learned to ignore these type of categorizations, and went for it anyway. It was an advanced topic, and went heavily into Python internals. Very interesting, although just slightly above my head. But I prefer that to being to easy and making me bored.

The Python Language summit was interesting even if I had very little to contribute. I just wanted to make sure that Python 2.7 has as much forwards compatibility as possible, and this turned out to be the opinion of the majority of Python developers already, despite the negative jibe compatibility gets from some vocal Python developers. So now I’m not worried about that. The biggest incompatibility will continue to be the confusion between binary, ascii and unicode data that exists in Python 2.x. A bytes-type would be possible in 2.7, but rather useless, as the standard library all expects binary data to be strings anyway.

The Zope Open Space and Sprint was very constructive, I feel. I’ll talk more about them. I also make another post on the Django design decisions-talk.


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