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Hewlett-Packards unfriendly packaging

March 22, 2009

I have a Hewlett-Packard C5180 printer/scanner/copier/kitchen sink. It’s It’s pretty darn good, as usual with HP printers, and the Windows software is pretty darn sucky, as usual with HP. Yes, this is a consistent problem with HP’s printer drivers and software. But that’s a completely different topic. The topic of this post is HP’s packaging of ink cartridges. This printer uses the 363 system, which have separate cartridges for each color, one of the reasons I chose this printer. So lets take one cartridge in it’s package, and apply a computer programmer and a pair of scissors to this packaging.

Packaging before opening Method of application: Nerd with Scissors

The first thing you notice when you open the bubble packaging is that within it is….another package! Yes. The outer plastic package contains a blue piece of cardboard and another complete package. All in all, when you have unpacked all things and finally reached the actual ink cartridge, your table will look like this, except less organized:
All the packaging laid out.

HP are welcome to explain to me why their packaging looks like this. As far as I can figure out, this package within another package is to make the packaging in French, as the inner package is not in French. Amazing. Why on earth they do not just slap a French sticker on the inner package I don’t understand, if it for some reason is impossible to produce that inner package in French. Is this customer friendly, HP? Is this environmentally friendly? No, it’s a waste of resources and energy on both HPs and my side. And… I hate bubble packages! In fact, I think almost all customers does. Get rid of the outer bubble package! It’s useless, annoying and bad for the environment.


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  1. jörgen permalink

    Apparently they are called clamshell packages in English and are often quite difficult to open. Reading your post, I remembered an ironic picture of a tool made to open these packages, packaged in a clamshell package!

    Found it after some googling:

  2. Aaron VanDerlip permalink

    There are quite a few injuries to people as well from this style of packaging.

    In addition to the trash that will linger long after we are gone.

  3. Ian F. Hood permalink

    Agreed! It IS rediculous – not to mention YOU paid for it (with reasonable markup applied too).

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