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Clarification and followup.

March 18, 2009

It has come to my attention that I in my previous post didn’t make sufficiently clear that I did talk to several members of the board before this post, and that they claimed they had made no mistakes. This post is mostly a response to that, to explain what the mistakes where.

The Chairman, Martijn Faassen, has now in a post of his own admitted that the board made mistakes. But he calls them “our mistakes, my mistakes”. And I want to make clear that these are not his mistakes. It was the boards mistakes. Chains of human errors like these are never done by one single person. You need a committee. And that, I guess, is what you can learn from this.

I also want to say that I very much appreciate Martijn Faassen and the rest of the Zope Foundations board, as friends, co-workers and developers. I did not appreciate getting kicked from the foundation, though. 😉


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  1. Martijn Faassen permalink

    As I wrote in a comment on your previous blog entry just now, even though I’m in a committee I do try to take personal responsibility, especially since I’m its chairman.

    Anyway, mistakes were made. Communication didn’t happen as it should have. They weren’t big mistakes, we probably don’t agree on the precise nature of the mistakes, but everybody did make some mistakes and it all sucked.

    Now it’s over. Thanks Lennart for caring, and thanks everybody else for caring too.

  2. Sure. You obviously have some sort of responsibility. But this isn’t about assigning personal responsibility. No laws was broken, nobody was hurt or died. In the whole grand scheme this is quite insignificant. Therefore trying to assign personal responsibility is pointless.

  3. Martijn Faassen permalink

    I still have the right to take individual responsibility (for various luckily fairly minor oversights and mistakes) even though you’re not assigning it! 🙂

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