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Setuptools for Python 3.0.1

March 14, 2009

There is bugs both in Python 3.0.1’s verison of distutils, and in my release of setuptools for Python 3, meaning the old release would not work for Python 3.0.1. I’ve finally made a new one that does.

Please report bugs to the setuptools bugtracker, except if it’s Windows bugs, because I haven’t tried to run it on Windows yet, so that probably doesn’t work. Give me a week to do that, or fix the bugs yourself. I have a branch of setuptools that are compatible with Python 3 over on Google code, I can give you commit rights if you ask.

  1. are the bugs still present in the trunk of distutils ? if so, can you point me the issues in the Python bug tracker so I can raise their priorities ?


  2. No, the bugs have been fixed. It’s the cmp.

  3. Ok cool. Does your release works with the current trunk too ?

  4. I haven’t tried yet, and I’m not likely to try before PyCon.

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