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You do NOT want to miss PyCon 2009!

February 18, 2009

PyCon 2009 is going to be SPECTACULARLY AWESOME!

The real goodness of conferences is that you get to meet and talk and discuss with all these great people. It gives you ideas and energy to push through with your open source doings! And while PyCon 2008 was great, PyCon 2009 will be spectacularly awesome! Because this year there will be a spectacular State of Zope Open Space, where we discuss all the radical techniques and additions that has happened to Zope over the last years, like Grok, Repoze, Deliverance and the ongoing work of eggification and rewriting the publisher, and there will also be an awesome Zope and Friends Sprint, where we will work on all these new cool things! This sprint will also overlap with the WSGI-sprint happening at the same time, as the WSGI sprint will include Repoze. We hope to make these sprints end up in the same or adjacent rooms.

I’ve also been invited to the Python Language Summit (thanks again!), where I hope to discuss the Python plans to make 2.7 have more backwards compatibility from 3.0 and hence make the transition even smoother.

And, if that wasn’t enough, there will also be loads and loads of super groovy talks and tutorials. Some selected highlights:

In short: You need to go to PyCon 2009 in Chicago.


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  1. Btw:
    The lolcat caption is inspiredstolen from

    The cat is called Jack and the picture was taken by Jane:

    I made a slightly bigger version with the python font, by request. If soembody wants it I can upload it.

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