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Released: five.grok 1.0a1

October 22, 2008

In April I and Godefroid started work on five.grok at the Paris Sprint at Ingeniweb. We got a proof of concept working, and during the five.grok sprint in July at Bubblenet its started to get useful. Several people like Sylvain Viollon has made tremendus work on it since, and made it really useful. And it’s now starting to be used in projects.

So, today Sylvain released version 1.0a1! You can now start using it for realz!

I’m personally convinced this is the future of Zope2 and Plone, and that it is one of the layers in the “layered cake” view of Zope/Plones future. Another layer to be is Martin Aspelis Dexterity, which just so happens, uses five.grok! Other notable users is Infraes CMS Silva.

From → grok, plone, python, zope, zope3

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