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Released: Plone4ArtistsCalendar 2.0a2

October 5, 2008

Just before the Plone Conference, to make it easier to test, I released Plone4ArtistsCalendar 2.0a2 (including Dateable 0.4.0). That it is an alpha should not deter you from using it, several sites are, and it’s actually quite stable. It is an alpha, because it misses some basic features. Most importantly there is no migration from Plone4ArtistsCalendar 1.1 yet. Secondly, the ical support is flakey, and doesn’t support recurring events. The recurring event support is very basic, still, the user interface for setting to and from dates and recurring rules needs a complete overhaul, and we need to make a calendar portlet that support recurring events as well. If you feel like doing any of this, please tell us, because we deserately need more people helping out on the calendaring project!

That said, 2.0a2 has  a very pretty user interface, which has had many improvements since 2.0a1, mostly thanks to claytron and lucielejard. Thanks!!

Installing it for testing is easy:

  1. Take (or make) a Plone buildout (3.0 or 3.1).
  2. Add p4a.plonecalendar to the list of eggs and the zcml = statement and (re)run buildout.
  3. Start Plone, and install Plone4ArtistsCalendar in the quickinstaller.

Done! All your events now have recurrence support, and you can enable the Calendar subtype on a folder to get calendar views. Please test, and add bugs to the new Cluemapper tracker. Have fun!


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  1. catherine-w permalink

    Great to have a new release of this useful product! Would it be possible to add a link to it off the p4acalendar section of the plone4artists website, to help people find this release? I went to the plone4artists website looking for this release and couldn’t find it, and it took me a wee while to track down this blog page.

  2. We are currently deciding between updating that website or just using the dev website:

    There 2.0a2 is mentioned.

  3. catherine-w permalink

    I’d vote for linking clearly to the new website from the deprecated one (which is the one listed first by Google, currently), especially for:
    * release details
    * bug reports

    Note that the p4a main website (not the dev one) still has a “p4acalendar issues” page that says “Please report all issues with P4ACalendar here”, and that the list of issues on this page does not match the one on the dev (Trac) site. For instance, issue number 31 on the former appears not to have been carried over to the latter.

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