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Looking for a job or two

October 5, 2008

For various reasons my wife and I have been thinking about moving to the United States for a while. But to do that we both need jobs. The hardest part there is finding a job for my wife, as we don’t have any contacts in the US for jobs in law.

Her qualifications are:

  • Masters in Polish Law
  • License (Bachelors degree) in French Law
  • Speaks English, French and Polish
  • 4 years experience as project administrator
  • 4 years as responsible for international clients

So if you know somebody that is looking for a workoholic with these qualifications, let us know!


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  1. Ska ni åka till Silicon Valley! Klart ni ska till det förlovade landet ett tag. Din fru får säkert jobb – hon är ju hur duktig som helst. Kontakta Amerikanska Ambassaden i Stockholm vettja…., eller, om hon är polska – den polska ambassaden!

    Bu the way- hur vet att ens dator blivit hackad? Syns, känns eller hörs det? Du kan väl sånt här?

  2. Tack!

    Det märks bara om den som har hackat den gör nåt som märks. Så det korta svaret är väl “nej”. 🙂

  3. You might want to look in Montreal, as there is a need for multilingual people, an UN presence, and a solid software development community.

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