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New project: collective.poiexport

September 28, 2008

As the Plone4Artists project is moving over to using Cluemapper, I needed to move the open calendar ticket over to Trac. Of course, that would only take an hour or two, but it’s boring. So I spent two days making an export for Poi to a Trac friendly CSV format, and an import script from this CSV format. Not very efficient use of my time, maybe, but much more fun, and we get all the tickets, not only the ones we can be bothered to move.

The export format is a bunch of CSV-files and a directory with all the attachments all packed into a zipfile. The import script takes the zip-file as input so you only need to transfer one file between the systems. The import script will strip the HTML from the descriptions and comments so that they look good in Trac. If you import it into a non-empty trac the tickets will get renumbered, and any references with the common #56 reference to tickets will also be renumbered. There is support for mapping usernames from the old usernames to the new, and some more little features like that.

It’s using five.grok (for no good reason) so a proper release has to wait for a first release of five.grok, but if you need it, it’s in the collective. It alo need documentation, which also will happen at the same time, I hope.


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