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A quick five.grok sprint update!

July 18, 2008

Today and yesterday we have been six people at the Bubblenet offices in Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels, where we have been working on five.grok. The main work has been implementing views. During this my intuition proved incorrect and Godefroids correct: Most of the classes and grokkers from Grok turned out to be directly useable under five.grok with no modifications.I thought we would need much more differences between Grok and five.grok than has so far been the case. (Although security will certainly be a big issue).

As a result of this a new module has been started to keep everything related to views and layers and such, and it will probably be called grokcore.browser (although it’s currently called grokcore.view). Just as grokcore.component extracts the parts from grok that has to do with the component architechture, grokcore.[browser|view] has all the parts with Zope views. We hope to get this accepted into Grok itself, so that both Grok and five.grok ends up using it, because there is a lot of code, and a massive amount of tests to handle views, and it would be silly to have two implementations of everything.

As a result of this, five.grok now has both adapters and utilities and views, and is therefore right now starting to become useful. Some have today been sprinting on an example application of how to extend a Zope2 object with five.grok views. We hope this example application will show us what is missing and what the next parts to be added to five.grok is.

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One Comment
  1. This is great news. 🙂

    I’m very interested to see how easy it’d be to get plone.z3cform based forms to be grokked as well. I’m hoping that view grokkers will “just work” for the wrapper views that plone.z3cform uses, but it’d be good to test it. Add/edit form should must be dead simple before Zope 3 style content is viable for real-world use.


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