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Get your recurring Plone events here! New releases of major calendaring products!

July 10, 2008

I just released Dateable 0.3, the project that aims to be the future mega project of Plone calendaring. I also released Plone4ArtistsCalendar 2.0a1, and the reason for that is that these projects now are pretty much one and the same. Before the final release of Plone4ArtistsCalendar 2.0 it is quite likely that we’ll use only the name Dateable, as it’s shorter and cuter, but that renaming hasn’t happened yet.

So, what is new in this alpha release: Well, main anticipated news is recurring events. Yes, you heard me right: Recurring events. The mechanism to have recurring events is there now, although the user interface is quite rough and missed some features. That’s the first main reason this is an alpha release and not a beta. The second main reason is that the iCalendar support doesn’t handle recurring events yet.

The other main news, which is less hotly anticipated except by me, is that Plone4ArtistsCalendar now uses dateable.chronos as it’s main views. Dateable.chronos has week and day views in addition to the month, list and past views of p4a.calendar. And thanks to much work from several people, these views look awesome!

And the third main new feature of this is that this is an egg-only release. It means it’s very easy to install. In your Plone 3 buildout add p4a.plonecalendar to the list of eggs, and to the list of zcml packages. Run buildout, restart. Install the Plone4Artists PloneCalendar and Plone4Artists PloneEvent products in Quickinstaller. Done! Events now have a recurrence tab, and Folders have a Calendar subtype.

So, please go ahead and test! Yes, this is an alpha release, don’t install it on production systems, please. 😉 If you like it, please come and help at Main things that needs to be fixed: Recurring event support for iCalendar. Recurring event support for the Plone event portlet. A nice useable, Ajaxified UI for Events.


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  1. Tim Hicks permalink

    Does the switch to new views mean that things work on with the NuPlone theme? I’ve found that some of the calendar layout gets a bit messed up under NuPlone and whatever the previous tarball for P4ACalendar was.

    Thanks for all the work, btw.

  2. No idea. Give it a try!

  3. w00t! I’m looking forward to taking this for a spin!

  4. Yves Moisan permalink

    Hi Lennart,

    Gave it a spin on Ubuntu Gutsy :

    # Add additional eggs here
    # elementtree is required by Plone
    eggs =

    # If you want to register ZCML slugs for any packages, list them here.
    # e.g. zcml = my.package my.other.package
    zcml =

    saved, re-ran buildout :

    (‘No traversable adapter found’, {u’content’: [(‘version’, ‘1.6’), (‘mode’, ‘html’), (‘setPosition’, (95, 16)), (‘setSourceFile’, ‘file:/opt/Plone-3.1/zeocluster/parts/plone/CMFPlone/skins/plone_templates/’), etc.

    I installed Plone 3.1.2 with the Unified Installer. Are there dependencies or specific product versions I should care about ?

    Commenting the p4a lines brings back Plone; I don’t miss windows 🙂


  5. I’m sorry, I’m not going to answer support requests here. Mail to

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