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Announcing five.grok: Grok on Zope 2!

April 26, 2008

Godefroid Chapelle and me have been working here at the Paris Sprint on getting a grok-type layer into Zope2. It’s been going very well, so far, and the amount of problems we’ve had has been smaller than expected. The result is five.grok, which you can check out with svn://

So far only three things work: Adapters, Global Utilities (both we got from the new grokcore.component module, which works under Zope2) and basic View support. But for one day of work that’s pretty cool! There are many things that are still needed; more security tests, support for template directories, resources and static support, etc. We need help to get all this in, it’s not too difficult, but it is a lot of work! Raise your hand if you are interested!

We are now going to concentrate on starting plone.grok; grok-support for some Plone-specific stuff like portlets. This way both projects are well on their way, so other people can help in implementing all the use-cases.


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  1. Martin Opstad Reistadbakk permalink

    Great job. I just created 8 custom Plone types with zope.schema yesterday. Can’t remember the last time I did that much copy and pasting to get all the glue in place. Really looking forward to this being released.

  2. Martijn Faassen permalink

    Cool! I’m very glad to see you’re making a lot of progress quickly.

    A side topic: I’m rather mystified by the ‘possibly related posts’ under this article, as they’re about as unrelated as I can think of. 🙂

  3. Martin, Martijn: Thanks

    Martijn: WTF!? That must be a part of the upgrade that happened a couple of weeks ago. I found the place where to get rid of it.

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