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Help with recurring events in Plone

April 19, 2008

Do you want recurring events in Plone? Now you can help! Either come to the sprint in Boston or pledge money. Anything helps, ten bucks or a thousand. It’s been a never ending story for years, lets finish it now, and get recurring events done!


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  1. Apparently I posted this on an older post, thought I had grabbed this one – my bad. Here’s the repeat comment:

    I’ve finally taken the time to scan in all the code Larry Lay and I had put together in an intranet environment to get EventRecur working in Plone 2.5. It’s much simpler than our first attempt was and extends the ATEvent content type. It may be something that can help with the logic of recurrence at least if nothing else. Anyway, I’ve posted a link to the PDF on my blog here:

    Hope it helps in some way. I tried to add this to the sprint wiki but I can’t get a confirmation e-mail for the life of me for the past 24 hours. I’ll keep trying.

    Best of luck on this project and if I have any free time that weekend I’d love to help; however, I’m a little rusty and not sure how helpful how much help I’d be on the Plone 3 front.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for your efforts!

  2. Thanks for the link. I’ve looked briefly at it, and it’s quite similar to what we are doing, except that we use archetypes.shemaextender and p4a.subtyper to dynamically extend the events without subclassing. Fancy techniques that didn’t exist even a year ago. 🙂

    Thanks for the support, and hope to see you online during the sprint weekend!

  3. Hi Lennart, good work. Hey, just curious why the “sprint in Bostom” and “pledge money” links only show up as links when you click on the permanent link to this blog entry, but don’t show as links on the blog home page? -Ben

  4. Thy show up as links on the front-page for me. They don’t show up if you click on a category, like “Calendaring”. I think that’s because the category view only shows a summary, not the whole blog post.

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