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Well, do ya? (Want to go to a Zope conference)

April 13, 2008

In my last post I asked if people wanted a Zope conference. I’ve so far gotten 43 answers, which whould be enough to get a feeling for what the community wants.

Short answer: Yes, if there is a Zope conference, people would go. Only 7 of the 43 people answered “No” or “Don’t know”. The others would go to a Zope conference. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, though. I’m not the only one thinking there are too many conferences and sprints to go to already. And the support for more Zope at EuroPython is also strong. Only 9 out of 43 are likely to go to EuroPython this year, but 25 out of 43 were likely to go to EuroPython if there was a dedicated Zope track.

It’s probably too late for this year (or?) but a dedicated Zope track on EuroPython would be a cheaper option, especially on manpower. Organizing one bigger conference is much less work than two smaller ones.

I the survey I also didn’t discuss location, it can be expected that most people wanting to go to EuroPython are europeans, and the ones not likely to go to EuroPython but wanting to go to a Zope conference (10-15 persons) are probably from somewhere else, mostly the states.

I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from this. Feel free to brainstorm. I’ll start:

  • Travelling globally takes time. It’s more efficient if there are local Zope/Plone symposiums that invite speakers from around the world.
  • Many of the sprints automatically turn into spontaneous mini-conferences, where people demo and make little short talks. How about organizing a massive Zope sprint/unconference once a year, with five+ days of sprinting *and* talks. At the same time. The first day is scheduled with talks, but sprinting starts if you don’t want to see the talk, the rest of the sprint talks are spontaneous when desires arrive?
  • Add your braindump here. (Or in the comments, rather).

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  1. Paul Everitt permalink

    How about this bullet: decide whether the goal is to organize Zope developers or Zope users.

    If it’s the former, then sprints and tracks at existing conferences are a better idea. The audience probably wants to learn about other Python technologies too. Also, the bar is lower for Python web developers not yet doing Zope to participate.

    If it’s the latter, then that audience probably cares less about non-Zope stuff. They’re looking for a self-defined ecosystem. Which I think Zope is trying to get out of, by portraying itself as a library instead of an application server.

  2. Interesting points…

  3. Personally, and including the reasons Paul makes above, I’d rather see Python-related conferences grouped up, with dedicated tracks/sprints for specific technologies, Zope included. I’d much more likely go to a Python conference which held Zope tracks (or, even better, open spaces discussions) than to a Python conference *and* a Zope conference.

  4. I’d actually say “no thanks” to a Zope conference considering that there’s already EuroPython, PyCon and the Plone conference but I *would* say “yes please” to a Zope Geek Feast, or as you would call it “massive Zope sprint/unconference”. My 2c.

  5. Christian Theune permalink

    “We” (the Germans) have a Zope-specific conference with about 150 visitors each year. Just to let you know. We don’t have a language-specific conference from a similar technical background (Python, Plone, …) thought and have been established since 2003.

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