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Sprint in Boston on Recurring events

April 10, 2008

There will be a sprint in Boston focused on Calendaring. I’m hoping to work mainly on recurring events, following PLIP #158. Recurring events is a big issue. Not the actual recurring rules (there are modules for that) but to make sure that everything, everywhere that supports events also understands that they can be recurring.

Plone desperately needs recurring events. Please help us make this happen by sponsoring the sprint.

Edit: Or you can pledge at


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  1. I’ve finally taken the time to scan in all the code Larry Lay and I had put together in an intranet environment to get EventRecur working in Plone 2.5. It’s much simpler than our first attempt was and extends the ATEvent content type. It may be something that can help with the logic of recurrence at least if nothing else. Anyway, I’ve posted a link to the PDF on my blog here:

    Hope it helps in some way. I tried to add this to the sprint wiki but I can’t get a confirmation e-mail for the life of me for the past 24 hours. I’ll keep trying.

    Best of luck on this project and if I have any free time that weekend I’d love to help; however, I’m a little rusty and not sure how helpful how much help I’d be on the Plone 3 front.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for your efforts!

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