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Me too! Me too! (Going to PyCon, holding a talk)

March 13, 2008

I see a flood of “I’m going to PyCon now” posts, so here is mine. In one and a half hours I also leave for PyCon. First time in Chicago, third time in the states.

I’m holding a talk “What Zope did wrong”. I have held talks with the same name before, but it’s not going to be the same talk. First of all, because the first time I held it at EuroPython 2007, I had an hour. The second time, at Plone Conference 2007, I had 40 minutes. Now I have 20 minutes. The second talk was better than the first, so reasonably, this talk is going to be fantastic. 🙂

An alternative title of the talk could be “Look, Zope already tried that, it’s not a good idea”, because of course, the purpose of the talk is to tell not only Zope users how Zope is getting fixed, but also to tell other web people what the problem was in the first place.

I hope to make this talk interesting to all that are involved in web development, and a must see if you are involved in writing any sort of web framework, CMS, LMS or that type of software. If I fail, tell me, if I succeed, buy me a whiskey. Oh, wait, it’s the US, I should say scotch. 🙂


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