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What’s up with Dateable?

March 8, 2008

In december I started a pledge drive to get Dateable 0.2.0 out through the door. If failed rather spectacularily in many different ways.

First of all, I’d like to thank those who chipped in: Kai Harris, Jon Stahl, Jeffrey Steele, Paul Howell, and last and most: Nate Aune, who provided a whopping 150 dollars!

But in total, I only got $275, which is way less then the $990 I needed to be able to finish the work. Thats spectacular failure number two.

Spectacular failure number one was choosing to do it. Because doesn’t work as you expect. If you have a pledge drive to get something funded, you expect the money to get payed out only if the drive actually succeeds. Well, not so with I fact, the money gets payed directly. So, what should I do? Send the money back? That actually costs money…

So what did I do? Well, the only think I could do: I’ve done the work anyway, partially unfunded. 🙂 So in this way the drive di not fail: It got the work done, much faster than without the drive.
So, a 0.2.0 release of Dateable is close to be finished. I’ve learnt KSS to do a Javascript navigation drop down, and I’ve updated the whole thing to run on Plone 3. So, Dateable now requires Plone 3. But it is fully useable, and 0.2.0 can very well be seen as a 1.0 beta.

I’m not really done releasing it yet, because I’m not sure exactly how to best do that. All the parts of Dateable are now eggs. But two of the parts are branched versions of p4a.calendar and p4a.plonecalendar. And what happens if I release them? Will standard installations of Plone4ArtistsCalendar suddenly download these? Because that will not work. So I have to investigate this first.

Also, I have to see if there is a way to use these eggs without using a buildout. If not, Dateable will be Plone 3 only and buildout only, which might be a problem. I know buildout is the future, but this is now. 🙂


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  1. Addihetja permalink

    How about doing another pledge? This one went totally under the radar AFAIAC…

  2. Lennart – thanks so much for continuing to work on Dateable even though the pledge drive didn’t make its goal. The Plone 3 calendaring story is better for it.

  3. Addihetja: Well, one of the necessary parts for Dateable 1.0 is to finalize Plone4ArtistsCalendar 1.1, and Nate Aune has a pledge for that, which is doing much better, but still needs some help!

    Kai: No problems, thanks for the pledge!

  4. Why is the plone4a-calandar tied into plone for artists anyway? Shouldn’t we aim to have a proper calendar implementation for plone that is not part of an audience specific bundle?
    ( Perhaps i have misunderstood and this is what dateable is all about…)

  5. Well, I guess it was started in Plone4Artists because they needed a better calendar implementation. Dateable started as an effort to take the best bits of the calendars that existed and make a complete bundle of them.

    Plone4ArtistsCalendar is not particularily tied into anything. Sure, it uses several p4a modules, but they are all generic, and not artist specific in any way.

    Replacing Plone4ArtistsCalendars view with dateable.chronos, and therefore completely merging the projects, is a definite option that has been discussed, but it’s all in the future.

  6. I can’t wait to see how dateable 0.20 comes along. Looking forward to a release as my EventRecur code and time to finish it extinguished back in August of 2006….

    It’ll be nice to have a good functional calendaring system in Plone (via the boscal spring / datable / p4a / whatever it takes).

  7. 0.2.0 is out and ready for testing. I hope to get recurring event support into a 0.3.0 during the boscal sprint. Maybe even, with some luck, I’ll finally merge p4a and dateable.

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