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What is wrong with the course?

January 20, 2008

Jörgen Modin has been doing Plone education for a while, and we considered expanding the list of courses. And what we came up with was a course in the tools and practices you can use to develop faster, more efficiently and with less problems in deployment and less bugs in your code.

This sounded like a good idea to us, but evidently to nobody else, because we haven’t received any interest in the course. That’s too bad, because we still think it’s a good idea, but maybe we aren’t bringing up just the right things. So, if you think this type of course could be interesting, please read the course description, and tell us what we did wrong. Is it the wrong topics? Too long? To short? Should it be bundled with the Plone development course into a longer course?

If we get feedback we’ll redesign it, and reschedule it and try again.

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  1. the description sounds good… to me 😉 the problem is, that most companies don’t seem to be willing to invest time and money to have their developers learn in these kind of sensible techniques and skills.

    while everybody agrees that they are important hardly anybody actually does something about it. i once managed to ‘infuse’ a company and their devteam with such practices by being hired as a systems administrator (they had a budget for *that*) and then set up svn and trac and started teaching them bit by bit ‘on the job’.

    so my advice is, if you really want to get more people out there to ‘do the right thing’ make the description more ‘sexy’ for the deciders by focussing on short term goals and less on the ‘sensible stuff’. change the description but not the curriculum 😉

    just my $0.02, good luck with the course: the more people learn to do plone/zope development ‘properly’ the better for all of us!a

  2. Too expensive.
    I’m not Bill Gates diving into Plone.

  3. “None”, It’s cheaper to learn from others than spend all the time learning this by yourself. Of course, if you use Plone for fun and not as a professional, then this course is not for you.

    Tom: Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like we need to be better at selling to managers, which admittedly never has been my strong-point.

  4. Shaun Hills permalink

    Interesting. I think I’ll look more at this course when I’m in the office on Monday.

    I think the content looks OK. Great, in fact. Maybe you want to put some emphasis on the “we’ll teach you how to build stuff best-practice-wise” content. Things like SVN don’t always catch people’s eye; as it stands this reads a bit like a course in general release management.

    How to build stuff properly with Plone, that’s hard knowledge to get, and valuable. As Tom says, jazz it up a bit. Focus on what makes it unique and valuable, not just emacs and svn 101.

    Also, marketing. Almost *all* Plone shops are bad at this 😉 We’ve sent two or three people to Jörgen’s courses before… how come this is the first I’ve heard of it? Why aren’t you mercilessly spamming us with every “opportunity” to provide a “solution” that comes along? Seriously.

  5. That is a *very* good question. I’ve forwarded it to Jörgen. I guess an email asking old customers if they want to be spammed is in the works. Thanks for the kick in the butt!

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