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Chip in for Plone calendaring

December 16, 2007

When I released Dateable 0.1.0 last week there was much cheering and several people tried to convince me to go to Snow Sprint and work on it there. But I have set my self a limit of four conferences and sprints per year, and my four conferences and sprints for 2008 are already booked.

At the same time, there is quite evidently a lot of need of a good calendaring solution for Plone. However, this doesn’t come cheap, and very few companies need the functionality so badly that they are willing to pay for all of it. That means that this is going forward quite slowly.

So, as an experiment, I’ve decided to ask for funding to implement the most desired functionalities. I’ve set up a fundraiser on, to see if the Plone community is willing to shake together the money. And yes, if this works, more calendaring fundraisers will come.

Fundraiser one: Dateable 0.2.0

Dateable 0.2.0 would include Plone 3.0 support, a Javascript navigation, and some cleanup and reorganisation that is needed. $990.

If there is specific calendaring functionality you desire add a comment here. If this works I will start a fundraiser for the functionality most asked for.


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  1. Must have, IMO:

    – Per-user timezone display preferences, so that event start/end times can be displayed on the user’s chosen timezone.
    – Must be possible to pick a timezone when entering start/end times for an event

  2. LDAP storage read and/or read/write implementation for events. it would be great to be compatible with outlook and similar

  3. This is certainly possible with CalCMF, which is a complete calendaring product for Plone, which hasn’t gathered much interest just because it doesn’t use standard Plone events.

    The idea has been to integrate CalCMF into Dateable in the future, but nobody has expressed any serious interest in that.

  4. moldy permalink

    Recurring events would be very useful.

  5. There was a fund raiser a while ago for the calendar x product and getting it to be compatible with plone 3. I believe they got close to the $2000 in sponsorship but I am not sure how the work is progressing.

  6. lawrencemolloy permalink

    Way to go, Lennart! I really hope the community rallies around the great work you’re doing. I just donated, with pleasure!

    Featurewise, Plone 3 support is my top priority. After that, Timezone support would be Real Nice, as well as Recurring Events (although both might be more “core” Plone things, rather than Dateable). Plone’s core Event object does need some love, though, and it seems like you might be the right guy to think about that, too! 🙂

  7. @lawrencemolloy – there is already preliminary support for recurring events but I believe that what is missing is a good UI – Lennart can confirm this.

  8. This is correct. Indeed, the event object does need a whole lotta loving, and there is plans to do that by extending it with recurrence and geolocation support and stuff. But it is a *lot* of quite complicated work.

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