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Templess 0.3 released

December 15, 2007

Templess is a small, push-fundamentalistic templating system for python written by Guido Wesdorp. I released 0.3 because I need it to be an egg, because I have used it for an experiment in how to integrate push-fundamentalistic templates into Grok without having to repeat yourself, as repeating yourself is un-Grokish.

I chose templess because Guido and me started the templating-integration support at the Neanderthal-sprint, and he showed it to me there. I like the brutal simplicity of it, with only five directives, and it’s total push-fundamentalism. It doesn’t even have a repeat command, instead, if you want to repeat, you simply feed it a list, and it will repeat the html-node with the items in the list. Less is more, as they say. Except when it isn’t. 🙂

I haven’t used in practice yet, but it’s on my short list of templating systems to try when I start developing with Grok for realz, together with Spitfire.


From → grok, python, templating

  1. Hey Lennart,

    I would really like to see you trying to integrate ‘Shrubbery’ [1] as a templating language into Grok. Your comment about Templess really reminded me of Shrubbery, specially the bit about no repeat and using lists.


  2. Ah, the dot-notation with dictionaries is a nice touch. But I don’t have to integrate it into Grok. Doing the integration is easy enough that anyone can do it! And we would like feedback on the integration process…

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