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Genshi + Grok = True: megrok.genshi 0.9 released!

November 18, 2007

Last weeks release of Grok 0.11 included support to plug in your favourite templating language. As an example application of this we decided to use Genshi, thanks to the high hype factor it has had lately, and despite the fact that I don’t really like it.

And so today I cleaned up the docs for the Genshi integration and released megrok.genshi v0.9! Why 0.9 and not 1.0? Well, it is the first release, so I’d like people to test it a bit. And there was some discussion about possibly include a path() statement to make it easier to traverse to objects, and we haven’t done that yet. Genshi people will have to tell us if they want it or not.

Installing it is dead simple: Include megrok.genshi into your’s install_requires, add <include package=”megrok.genshi” /> after the <include package=”grok” /> line in your zcml and re-run buildout.

Using it is equally simple. Just write your genshi templates and drop them in the _template directory, just like you did with your ZPT templates, but use the extension .g instead of .pt. That’s it.


From → grok, python

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