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Grok 0.11 released

November 8, 2007

Grok, for those of you in the Python world who have missed it, is that latest and greatest of Python web framworks. And it’s greatest because it’s based on Zope 3, so you get all of the goodness of components and aspect orientation and all other cool things. But Grok is designed to take the complication, and all the XML out of Zope 3 development.

And today 0.11 was released. It’s still not a 1.0, but it’s damn near, and getting very useful. Some useful things are better support for layers and skins, and better permission and role support. But however practical that is, it is not cooooool. The cooooool things are super-easy REST support so you can make REST interfaces to your application without breaking a sweat, and a refactoring of the template system, so you can plug in your favourite templating language in 10 lines of python code (Sorry for the code formatting problems on that page). This will be demonstrated next week with the release of megrok.genshi, the Genshi plugin for Grok.

Development on Grok is fast now, and there has also been some things happening under the hood since 0.10. To the next release I hope to get in Viewlets support, so I can start building my page composer and my site skinner. Then I’m going to start using it for real!

As somebody (I forgot who) said at the Plone conference, Grok is the most exciting thing to happen to Zope since Jim Fulton.


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  1. Thanks for getting that templating plugin system into 0.11! Can’t wait to use Genshi for my Grok stuff. And of course thanks to Martijn for the REST support, and J-W for the permission and role refactorings. 0.11 rocks!

    It was Luciano Ramalho who said that about Grok, I think.

  2. Lennart Regebro permalink

    Yup, you are right, it was Luciano.
    And thanks to you for the support and explanations.

  3. eugenio permalink

    Can you help me to install grok under ubuntu gutsy?
    The installation script fails with error in c-compilation.
    What libraries and releases grok needs?
    Have you esperienced in ubuntu?

  4. Sure, join and send your error messages there, and me or somebody else will help you.

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