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Quick EuroPython 2007 Review

July 12, 2007

I’m here at EuroPython 2007 trying to sprint, but being a bit too sleepy. So instead, here’s a quick review of EuroPython 2007.

Most impressive talk: Snakes on a Phone, by Jukka LAURILA, who showed some of the cool things you can do from Python on the Nokia-phones based on the S60 platform. The APIs provided are very usable an high-level, and the whole things is really cool and fun.

Most potential: RPython. Talks by Maciek FIJALKOWSKI, Antonio CUNI and Simon BURTON. RPython is a restricted static version of Python. Or rather a static compiled language with a Python syntax. It can compile to C giving you the possibility of writing modules with the same speed as compiled languages, but using Python-syntax. It can also, rather funnily, be compiled to many other languages, including for example Javascript, giving a rather unusual definition of “compiling”.

Best presentation: Simon Willison on OpenID. Simon is a very good presentation, and his way of using slides was inspiring. And OpenID is cool too.

Best talk: Well, mine of course! Or not. 🙂


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  1. Oh, and the funniest one: LOLPYTHON.

    With Martijns ligthningtalk on Grok the movie as honorable second place.

  2. The slides, man, the slides! It’s all in the slides!

    Will you let us, who weren’t there, have the slides? Pretty please?

    And, uhm, did I mention the slides already?

    Of course, some notes from the talk would be great too! And maybe a podcast, or even a video?

    Well, enough already, thanks for the slides. 😉

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